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Executive/Director/Business Owner pensions

With the introduction of work place pensions and recent changes in pension legislation it is now the perfect time to review your pension needs. 

Due to its tax efficiency pensions are fantastic tools for business owners but are not used to their potential by most business owners due to a lack of understanding.

A misconception with many business owners is that they will have to subscribe to the same work place pension as their employees. 

Different pension providers have different fund choices and benefits and with the fact types of pension can be used within the same company it is always worthwhile to ensure the pensions you use are right for you.

It is common place in many companies to offer a low cost pension to standard employees with managerial employees and directors have a more sophisticated pension in place.

At AEPA Ltd we work with Invest Southwest independent finacial advisors so that we can research the whole market to ensure you get the right pension for you and your workforce.