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Understand Your Choices

When choosing how to implement automatic enrolment you have numerous choices.  Firstly which tier of the 3 available are you going to pay as part of your company contributions? Which pension provider are you going to use? Is my current pension scheme qualifying? How will you track your pension liability and who is eligable? How will you deal with employee queries?

How am I going to pay my employees pension?

You can pay your employee pension contribution based on their basic salary or to include bonuses and commissions. You may also want to pay above the required contribution to reward your workers or try to improve staff retention. AEPA will work with you so you can understand the cost to your business and choose the best option for you.

Which automatic enrolment qualifying pension am I going to chose for my employees?

You have the choice of a multitude of pension providers with different strengths and benefits as well as the statutory Master trust called the National employment Savings Trust (NEST).

Pension advice can only be provided by a regulated Individual in the UK. AEPA will refer you to Invest Southwest Independent Financial Advisers for any regulated advice requirements.

Invest Southwest is authorised and regulated by the financial services compensation scheme 469547.