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How much is automatic enrolment going to cost my company?

This is partly up to the decisions you make in selecting a process, a scheme and the amount of contributions that you wish to make.

Auto enrolment can include some (or all) of the following costs:

  •         Payroll costs (additional processing/interface builds/assessment costs)
  •         Assessment costs (if not incorporated into the payroll costs)
  •         Pension contributions
  •         Communication costs
  •         Helpline costs
  •         Additional HR costs (managing the opt in/opt out processes)
  •         Any financial advice that you receive
  •         Internal project/implementation costs
  •         Ongoing Compliance & Helpline Support

These are difficult to generalise about as they will be specific to each company. At AEPA we will work with you to identify these costs and your future liabilities.