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How do I find my Automatic Enrolment Staging date?

October 2012 sees the start of automatic enrolment.

The date from which the new legislation will apply to you is known as the staging date.  Your staging date will be determined based on the number of employees you have.

At your staging date you must have - A qualifying pension scheme in place that you are ready to begin enrolling workers into immediately.

This is why it is important to begin planning in advance of this date and why The Pensions Regulator will send you a reminder 12 months before your staging date.

Do not panic. We will not only determine your company staging date but will also complete all the necessary actions prior to this date ensuring you are ready when it arrives.

When is my Automatic Enrolment staging date?Click here to find out your Work place pension staging date

To find out when your staging date is, visit The Pensions Regulators staging date calculator