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Automatic Enrolment Requirements

There have been many revisions of the original pension act 2008 and employers must stay up to date with these changes.  Each employer will be set a staging date which is based on their payroll size.

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 The pension regulator bears the principle responsibility for enforcing the automatic enrolment regime and it is the body that employers will liaise with to demonstrate compliance and statutory duties. The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) is the body the general public can deal with for queries concerning workplace pensions.
Categories of Worker: Most employee are required to be included in the automatic enrolment requirements by default but some that will fall outside of the standard requirements are not included automatically. They may however participate on a voluntary basis. The Pension Act 2008 defines those directly affected by automatic enrolment as workers.

A worker is an employee who has a contract of employment or who is contracted to provide work and services personally. All employers with at least one worker are required to register with the pension regulator in order to ensure that they comply with their obligations within four months of their staging date. A critical difference in qualification is that contract for service dictates that an individual is self-employed and does not fall into automatic enrolment requirements.

A service contract is somebody who is employed and meets the specific requirement of automatic enrolment. The date on which the employer determines a workers status is call the assessment date. In practice a workers status will need to be determined on a number of occasions such as:

  • The employers staging date on the workers for day of employment
  • When the worker attains the ages of 16 or 22 the date on which a worker submits an opt in or joining notice
  • The employers deferral date where a postponement has been applied for the day following the end of the transitional period has ended.
  • when postponement has been applied.

Automatic Enrolment Qualifying thresholds.