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Automatic Enrolment Frequently Asked Questions

Work Place pension Frequentley Asked Questions

How much will this cost my business?

You will have to contribute towards your employees pension. You may also have administration costs or have to buy software to comply with your automatic enrolment requirement. You may need a qualified and reputable company such as AEPA to help you set up your company pension and help with any queries and requirements you may have.

Can we tell our employees to opt out?

No definitely not. There are severe fines for any company that does this?

None of my employees want to a pension do I still have to set up a company pension?

Yes. You have to automatically enroll any member of staff with qualifying earnings and then they can opt out.

When is my staging date?

Each companies staging data is decided by its payroll size. You can find out your staging date at the pension regulators website by putting in your company Tax details.

I only have one employee do I have to have a qualifying pension scheme?

Yes if this member of staff has sufficient earnings and meets the qualifying criteria then you have to provide a pension scheme.   

Does all the money get paid back if members opt-out?

Yes. When members opt-out within the time frame given in the regulations, any money paid  will be returned to the employer. The employer is responsible for repaying any employee deductions made back to the employee via payroll. This repayment to the employee must be made as soon as possible.

What happens if my business does not comply with automatic enrolment?

Your company will deemed to be acting unlawfully and there are a number of actions that can be taken, including for more serious prolonged and repeated breaches a fine payable for each day that you are non-compliant.

As a self-employed person in my own company do I have to provide a pension scheme?

If you are the only person in your company then you do not need to provide a pension scheme for yourself.  However, if you employ anyone then you will need to provide a pension scheme for all employees as well as yourself.

My business already offers a workplace pension. Do I still have to automatically enrol my employees?

Unless every worker including temporary staff is a member of that scheme then you will almost certainly have to undertake some auto enrolment.  Your current scheme may be sufficient if it meets certain qualifying criteria, but you need to check this with your provider.

You will still need to undertake a communication exercise and will have additional payroll and reporting requirements to factor in